About Us

BlueClay Architects and Associates were established in 2015. Since then, the company has been involved in residential and institutional projects across South India.

About Us

BlueClay Architects & Associates is an establishment practicing architecture & urban design to positively shape the culture, commerce and people’s life through pioneering solutions for built environment. As an architecture firm, they have gained valuable expertise in a very short time by satisfactorily delivering success by deeply involving in all aspects of Project Delivery from Developing, Programming and Conceptual Design to Project Management.

Built environments are integral part of the design. More than enclosures the spaces are to be designed as part of our everyday life once a house transforms into a home.

Interiors are the spaces that you actually interact within a building is quintessential. We follow functional as well as contemporary trends in design for realising the clients’ dreams in every interior space.

Every building in the city is part of a larger context that encompasses the lives of the people and the city. We help design the point of contact of the city and the people

The Team